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Power of forgiveness......Freedom to become.

Forgiving an important step in attaining your best version of yourself. We only know what we know as we know it and learn it....we all fail....we all experience life and acquire lessons along the way....the good news it is wisdom for the next and we define what we no longer want. The choices become more defined and the intentions become more clear. We don't want to taint the positive of the equation with negative self hate, loathing or disappointment in our choice. It is wasted energy....let it go, shake it holds positive power only in the wisdom....the regret and past review consistently rolling in your head eats up energy that is non is hit and go for the win on the experience.....Learn, accept, forgive......power up for next....Cheering endless potential available while we are able......don't waste a moment.....create, creat, create!!!

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