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Intimate relationships

To relish the entirety is where delicious encounters are experienced. To explore the entirety vulnerability needs to be agreed to. Vulnerability is often terrifying to some. I, being one of them. The desire to experience intimacy has to be greater than the possibility of being ravaged in an inappropriate and unkind manner. It is 2 quite opposite spectrums of possibility. Being 'ravaged' could occur at either end as well. It has been almost 3 years since the negative version of that spectrum occurred in my life. The time since has been exploring intimacy with myself, with God, with my family. We tend to be so busy we rush by what is truly the treasure upon this earth. It has been my uncomfortable reveal that being consumed by a negative experience is quite costly. I missed the important things right in front of me while struggling with trying to mean something to someone who I meant nothing to. CRAZY!! The cost of this past lesson is very expensive, BUT the lesson was learned well. Certification can be framed and placed on the wall.

It is of the utmost importance to have a healthy, vibrant and honest relationship with yourself in order to have it with anyone beyond yourself. Including God! It is okay to be perfectly imperfect! Understanding unconditional love is so enthralling and exciting. We wrap ourselves in lies at times to avoid who we really are or who someone else it. DO NOT do this. The only cocoon needed is the wrapping of intimacy. When you come out, it will resemble the butterfly effect! Take yourself out on a date and 'feel' what you like about it, 'know' what you desire, 'understand' what moves your soul and fills your heart. Intimacy.......close familiarity or friendship; closeness. Be comfortable there before the next step.

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