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Coffee Thoughts

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Before heading to coffee about 15 minutes away I questioned my myself why so far for coffee. I evaluated and decided if I have 3 good reasons to go I will. I came up with the artists making the coffee...because they create it as if it is art......the second thing is the coffee is favorite drink has tumeric in it...just wow! The final one of 3 is the large amazing mug they make it in. There were definitely more reasons....but I needed 3 to make the wise decision. Satisfied with my effort and accountability to self I headed for coffee and the experience that will create happiness and contentment in my life. As I drove....I wondered this a good practice overall ?? Can I come up with 3 good reasons why my life will be enhanced or benefit from what I am about to put energy into........Tomorrow I try my question out in other quests.....

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