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No Excuses

It is that crazy moment you are looking at yourself and just do not even recognize the person staring back at you. I don't mean because we are all getting more time in and years begin to show a bit....there is plastic surgery if that is a problem for you. I am talking about the sparkle in your eyes no longer there....I am talking about the toxins you have allowed in your body because you settled for an unhealthy life style. There is that sluggish feel that has replaced your vibrant 'strut'.....there are negative words spinning in your head all day because of what you are becoming. Your clothes in your closet just observe as you once again reach for the sweats and baggy can say it is because it is 'his' and it's cozy.....BUT the truth fits and your clothes no longer do ! The intelligent conversation you once thrived on is so far gone in your past your vocabulary is basic at best. The fun and exciting ideas you once loved to do and throw together are replaced with a drink and television show. "Watching fake people live lives"....the sad part is....their lives are more exciting than yours. Well....I ran into that girl a few weeks ago in my mirror and after being sick for a week and pissed I have this thing hanging over my jeans keeping me from my favorite jeans.....I realized it is time to be responsible for where I have allowed myself to pretty much stop trying to life. Lol. That is what this is about.....a personal journey....I assume won't be easy....but know it won't be harder than being who I am at the moment. Did I mention 10,000.00 on my credit cards that needs to go away along with my muffin top?? ( is more than a muffin lol )

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