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Accountability for your presence

There are humans that understand they can 'create' their life, pursue a vision, invest in the 'next' by their choices now. There are people that understand change is an absolute and have learned to 'ride' the waves of change with faith and enthralled excitement. There are those that actually contribute to the whole more than they take or consume. There are people who utilize vibrating at a high level knowing the vibration attracts like vibration which leads to higher realms and creative genius. There are those that understand this life is miraculous and marvel at the moments. There are those who know one lifetime will not reveal all life's secrets, but one lifetime allows you to dance in the most precious things life has to offer. There are those that understand the power of love is more powerful than hate. There are those that understand creating is more powerful than destroying.

I am so thankful to know those people that walk in this lifetime upon the earth.

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