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Words are a two-edged sword.

Words are an active, potent and powerful force upon this earth. They can bring a man to his knees as well as get him to jump for joy. Their power travels at the speed of sound, they can travel across the planet, into space, beneath the sea, and are formed in any language. They were used by God to 'create' everything we know to be. They can infiltrate the hardest of substances and create tears without the need of physical touch. They are able to change and shift the energy in a room for good or bad. They have the power to encourage, tear down, annihilate, build up, restore, create joy, create trauma, destroy hearts, usher in hope, enlighten dark and void places. Words translate their power from the past and hurtle through time without losing efficiency. Words are used in songs that stir generations. Words are capable of uniting opposing forces and unifying a common quest. Words echo across time with impact. They deliver curses or blessings, which can take hold for generations. They can deliver bad news, good news, instill knowledge and create the need to question all you believe. Why do we use them so carelessly and without understanding of the resounding impact?

Today is a good day to identify their power. My oldest son gifted me such a profound change within myself one day. I am witness to the fires he has been demanded to survive and walk out of. I witnessed him shake the hands of every person he crossed paths with that day. He looked them in the eye and told them "I appreciate you'. He told the person he was paying, the person handing him his food, the customer, I have even witnessed him saying it to the judge that just said very unkind things to him. Those words created surprise in some, smiles in others, abrupt shift in a heart, and lessons for anyone that received or witnessed it that day. How many people feels appreciated? Do you appreciate what others do? Tell them. CREATE impact with your words. It was enthralling to witness his character and it was fun adding those words to my interactions with others. So simple....just words. They are free to use, share, gift, and create with.

Self-talk is just as important to be aware of. We filter and assimilate words in the same bottleneck of info, so speak to yourself as you would to others. (Kindly, I hope) You can practice with yourself talk and really 'hear' the effect of words and 'feel' the effect of words. With purpose and precision, sharpen that two-edged sword. KNOW that it will cut and wound so it is a responsibility to wield it correctly.

Proverbs 18:21 says “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” The tongue can be used as a weapon to harm and destroy or as a tool to build and heal.

How big is a tongue in comparison to your body? Yet it is what can wreck so much in your life. What are those words you heard as a child that still effect you as an adult? There are some words that hurt our potential and some that created the wind beneath our wings. It will behoove your current moment and future to revisit those words that run wild in your mind. Understand that they came from another human that only knew what they knew at the time. That does not need to hold you hostage. Inquire their power and why it affects you. Is it a lie, was it spoken out of love, did it have kindness attached to it? Break off the power of those words with the words that call truth into being today. Utilize the word 'forgive' to cut the ties of hurt. There are things I have said and cannot make right that haunt me. How do we create beauty from those ashes? Learn....acknowledge what was said, tell yourself you forgive yourself; you didn't know that power at that time. Go forward with intention and wisdom.

Choose to contribute to 'abundance' by speaking blessings, speaking life, speaking wisdom, speaking kindness, speaking love, speaking gratitude, speaking peace.

THINK before you speak. Do yourself a kindness as well as those who are in your life, put down the sword until you understand it's power.

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