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2 times today I was gifted the importance of 'touch'. The first arrived from a conversation with my daughter. She was explaining her quest to clean her home and sharing her standard of choice in what to keep and what to throw out. The simplicity to her decision was inspiring. Her excitement in her quest spilled joy over to me. I will try it myself. She told me to really look at what is in the room, hold it and ask if it brings me joy. If it does create joy, it is a keeper. If it does not instill joy, it leaves. So simple yet effective! We surround ourselves with 'things' and soon find ourselves buried in the burden, our time stolen in the upkeep, or stress stealing our peace while trying to pay for it. I have recently felt the weight of debt and had to create a better choice system to alleviate the weight. While working in that new wisdom, I will also pursue the same quest my daughter shared with me today. I want to know what it is like to live in a more 'serene' environment. Such a simple task to create a space that holds only things that bring joy. Sounds AMAZING!!

One of my sons is a professional at getting rid of clutter. I am often amazed at his ease to clean out unnecessary with ease. There is no attachment to the 'things' but there is a desire for the 'clean'. He has also inspired me to pursue cleaning the clutter that has gathered through the years. He is pro sell it or give it away! It feels like a 'healthier' choice. He is also a fan of sell it, then go travel and live. AMAZING! So, forward we go with fresh thoughts, quests and excitement of experiencing living in a softer as well as cleaner manner. I want to add, it also seems like a kinder choice not to leave a huge chaotic mess behind for someone else to clean after leaving this earth.

I was sharing this story with a friend today and she added great wisdom to this rolling ball of energy by saying perhaps we do the same test with 'friends'. Put a friend in your focus and ask if this friend brings you joy. The fork in the road of this choice can be tainted at times as I have discovered along this road that I practiced 'codependency'. That behooves no one in the equation. In my consistent self-inquiry about 'judgment' and how not to do it as opposed to what it is meant for, I posed the question of how to discern this joy a friend brings without 'judgment' or potential codependent reflex. My friend without pause said use 'factual'. That simple. What is the 'fact' in this question. The fact exists beyond and without my emotional or judgmental thoughts. Once again, the blessing of others wisdom and decision blesses my life forward with new thoughts, larger perspective, excitement of fresh steps, a new quest, and inspired possibility.

Touch present with everything, then touch it! Does it bring you joy?

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