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Getting played

I know I am not the only woman that is struggling with the feelings left bouncing inside while trying to understand what was real and what was lies. It has been 2 years of conflict thus no real work put into my quest to fit in my jeans. Apparently I needed 'more substance' to share. Looking back to where this idea began, we can now add more to what is owed on the cards....take out the Peter Pan that was flitting around here and mention all business seems to be in a pause session. What does one do in a moment of transition that is seemingly the end of what was created to flourish ? We are about to find out?!

What is the most important to breathe into right now? My mind? My body? The million items on the to do list? My heart? My soul? Which is the most effective to pour into as we establish a new beginning again and fix the flaws in the foundation?? I feel accountability is important, thus the words being written. My spiritual seems like a good beginning because it can keep the faith flowing as I work on next.

It has been exciting to find a church that beckons me to participate! Feeling pretty great about completing the Spiritual Warfare class. Putting words to feelings and the unseen helps my mind produce better understanding of what I am wanting to get rid or, heal and restore.

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